As one of the lucky ones who can call themselves dachshund owner (or staff?), over the years the same challenges have come along that I couldn't find a good solution for. Who has dachshunds knows how difficult it can be to find stylish dachshund-related items. Something that does justice to both the chic yet stubborn character and appearance of this special breed.

For example, in the cold winter months, consider finding a well-fitting jacket for the dachshund's non-standard body proportions. Or the ever-lasting need to crawl under a blanket when they are looking for a nice place to sleep.

I was not happy with the range shops had to offer; for the sizes of a dachshund, the coat collection seemed to consist only of crop tops or oversized vests, not to mention the quality or colors offered. After also filling a closet full of blankets that my dachshunds couldn't easily crawl under, I went looking for other solutions.


With a little help I made the first jacket for my oldest dachshund years ago. As I was happy with the outcome, several more coats followed in the years for him and my other dachshunds. After many enthusiastic reactions during our daily walks, the idea came up to do this for other dachshunds too than just my own pack: this was the start of Charming Couture!


After designing the coats, the sleeping bags followed, and not much later the accessories for the dachshunds and their staff arrived. Not only are the items a design of our own and made in our own studio, most of the fabrics used are also entirely a Charming Couture design and these fabrics are exclusively produced for us. The possibilities are endless! Through years of experience in design, styling and realization, we stand for quality items that are made with love. Our items designed for dachshunds are intensively tested by our own dachshunds for their comfort and functionality. The single-handed small-scale production ensures quality and an exclusive product. Customization is therefore no problem and can be delivered in the foreseeable future. We do not offer imported Asian mass production, but rather small quantities, handmade by ourselves in the Netherlands. Something we are very proud of!