General order method

When you have found a product in one of the categories in the webshop that you would like to buy, click on the blue button: 'Add to cart'. This places the product in the shopping cart (top right). A number will now appear on the shopping cart. That is the number of products that you have placed in the shopping cart. When you click on the shopping cart you will see the products you have selected, including a calculation of the shipping costs. Depending on the size of the product and country you would like to have it delivered, you can choose different shipping methods. By approving at the bottom of the page, you will go to the next step. Here you are asked to fill in the personal details for the payment process and shipping. These data are not used for other purposes. After accepting the General Terms and Conditions and making the payment, your purchase at Charming Couture is successful! Your order will be shipped as soon as possible including a track & trace code.


Ordering method for pre-order items

If you would like to order an item which is marked as a 'pre-order' item, you can follow the same steps as indicated above in 'General order method'. The items on a pre-order basis are not yet in stock at the time of ordering, but restocking of this item is expected within a week. These items are shipped from the date stated on the product pages instead of the regular processing and delivery time.


Payment methods

You can pay for your order in different ways after going through the ordering process. We currently offer the following payment methods:

  • iDeal payment through your own bank (executor Mollie will be visible on your statement);
  • Bank transfer to Charming Couture's account;
  • Bancontact for customers in Belgium (executor Mollie will be visible on your statement);
  • Paypal (with a PayPal account you can also make credit card payments);
  • Charming Couture gift voucher


Would you rather pay by credit card? Then create a free (and secure) account at www.paypal.com to make a payment at no extra cost.


For detailed information about ordering and payment, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.