As soon as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, the dachshunds are vulnerable to weather conditions and cold due to their short distance to the ground. Experience shows that all dachshunds are sensitive to this, regardless of the coat variety. Don't forget the elderly dachshunds and puppies too, they are all warmth loving creatures! A warm jacket is a welcome outcome, only the dachshunds unfortunately do not fit regular dog coats because of their deep chest and long back.

To prevent crop tops and oversized vests, Charming Couture launches handmade dachshund coats, tailored to fit perfectly!


'Couture' says it all: the design and production of fashionable clothing, fully tailored to the wishes and measurements of the client. Each order will have their unique sewing pattern made, which will be converted to the desired fabrics. This way, your dachshund will have the best fitting coat for it's body.



Due to the use of soft fleece as inner lining and beautiful high quality wool-containing materials for the outside, the coat is not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye. Wool retains heat very well and is naturally water-repellent. In case the coat does get wet, the wool will continue to generate heat, keeping your dachshund warm. In addition, wool is very comfortable to wear due to the breathable texture, it is dirt-repellent due to the natural wool grease and fabrics with wool stay beautiful longer than other materials. In addition to these fabrics, we also have raincoat fabrics especially for the extra wet days and coats made entirely of fleece are also an option.



The coats are produced by hand in our own workshop: handmade and homemade! This allows the various sizes and wishes for colors to be easily passed on and processed to your own preferences. Fashionable, refined and sturdy fabrics have been selected especially for this cold season. In addition, the costs can remain limited due to our own production. Although Charming Couture focuses on the unusual sizes of the dachshunds, coats can also be made for other breeds Do you have any special wishes? Would you like a matching bow tie or scarf for you as the owner of the same fabric? Let us know! We like to think along with you and share our ideas.



Curious about what's possible for your dachshund(s)?

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Charming Couture's tailored coats are custom made products. They are made according to the specification(s) you have entered. The right of withdrawal or the possibility to exchange is therefore not applicable. The sale is therefore final after successful payment. Charming Couture is not liable for measurement errors made by yourself, any alteration costs are for your own account.