Meet our brand new handmade coat collection, especially for the dachshund sizes!


Does your dachshund get cold quickly, has less hair or do you notice that he she does not like being outside in colder weather?

A warm coat can be an essential outcome. Our standard coat collection with no fewer than nine different sizes provides most dachshunds of all types with a suitable one. These nine sizes are based on the most common dachshund sizes that we experienced with the custom orders. With the arrival of our standard coat collection, you no longer have to wait for your custom order, but you can experience the convenience of ordering in one click and fast delivery from our own stock. In our collection you will find coats suitable for winter and rain.

All coats and the corresponding measurements are our own design and handmade in our own workshop!


Made from the finest English and Italian wool fabrics in fashionable and classic colors that really honor the breed.

Curious about the best size for your dachshund? Measuring is knowing! Check out our sizing guide here.


Photos beautifully captured by Leonie Huitema Photography &

Banke Foto Avontuur