Sleeping Bag - Winter Dachshund Print


Spoil your dachshund with this brown sleeping bag with wood discs pattern! Sleeping bags are also known as snuggle bags or snuggle sacks, because of their inviting cuddly nature and soft materials. The breathable red lining together with the festive winter dachshund print on the outside makes a fashionable unity. Really appealing for the Christmas season! This sleeping bag is available in various widths and is 70 cm deep and therefore large enough for most dachshunds.


Unsure about the size? Try folding a towel or blanket to these dimensions to check if your dachshund is able to lay down on it.

Prefer a bigger size? Please choose the option of 60 cm wide.


  • Washable at 30 degrees without fabric softener, preferably do not tumble dry to protect the fabrics
  • Material: cotton and elastane
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Please note: nothing is indestructible and the sleeping bag is not a toy! Order the correct size for your dachshund(s) to avoid damage and/ or disappointment.