This page shows our collection of available fabrics for the outside and inside of the custom made coats:


  • All outer fabrics that are indicated by a # followed by numbers, all have a percentage of wool in them, ranging from 21 to 100 percent (tweed) wool.
  • We also have a collection of fabrics for raincoats. These raincoat fabrics are fully water-repellent and breathable, especially for those wet days. These fabrics always have a microfleece lining (color options not available), so that they can be used as a raincoat on their own, without having to choose an extra fleece inside. When combined with one of the polar fleece fabrics below, the raincoats are certainly suitable as a water-repellent winter coat. The raincoat fabrics are labeled by #R.
  • In addition, new fleece fabrics with a print to be used as outer fabric have been added, in case you would like the coat to be made entirely out of fleece fabrics. These fabrics are labeled as #F.
  • Finally, the fleece fabrics for the inside of the jacket are indicated. Is your preferred color not listed? Let us know which color would suit you and we will think along with you about the possibilities.


Have you made your choice? Then let us know the desired combination of the fabric for the outside and the fabric for the inside, for example: #1 with dark blue fleece lining.




Dark brown

Dark orange (darker than displayed)


Dark blue


Dark green